Choose Your Enemies Wisely

The much anticipated follow-up to the #1 Wall Street Journal bestseller Your Next Five Moves, Patrick Bet-David reveals his business planning secrets for writing a plan to create a sustainable, multi-generational business. Published by Portfolio/Penguin Random House and sure to be an instant classic.

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You know who your competitors are. But your enemies are a whole other matter. They're the haters and the doubters who said you'd never make it, the ones who stomped on your dreams. When you think about your enemies, you get emotional. You feel like you won't let anything—or anyone—stop you.

In Choose Your Enemies Wisely, Patrick Bet-David, #1 Wall Street Journal bestselling author, founder of Valuetainment, and host of The PBD Podcast, shows how to harness that emotion to turbocharge your business, dominate this year, and grow for generations after.

But first, you need to choose your enemies wisely.

Read Choose Your Enemies Wisely if you are a visionary, dreamer, and big thinker. Where you are now in your business journey doesn't matter. By following Bet-David's plan, you will set up your business for sustainable success and accomplish your most audacious goals.


Bet-David has spent years perfecting the system that led to the knockout success of his own financial services company. Now, Bet-David shares the secret behind this system: his 12 Business Building Blocks, which will teach you how to seamlessly blend emotion and logic in your business plan. Both a practical document for achieving goals and the fuel needed to fire up yourself and your team, this plan goes beyond the “how” and digs deeper into the “why”: not only how you’ll get funding, but why you need long-term vision; why you must build a culture that makes employees want to run through walls; why you have to know the enemy you’re out to prove wrong. Straightforward and simple, the steps in this book will lead you to move the levers that create exponential growth and lasting success.

About Author

Patrick Bet-David immigrated to America at twelve years old, when his parents fled Iran as refugees during the Iranian Revolution. After high school, Patrick joined the U.S. military and served in the 101st Airborne before starting a business career in the financial services industry. At age 30, he founded PHP Agency, an insurance marketing organization with 66 agents. He grew the firm to 40,000 agents before making a multi-nine-figure exit.

A serial entrepreneur, Bet-David founded Valuetainment, which became the #1 YouTube channel on entrepreneurship with nearly a billion views, and expanded into a media, consulting, and production company. He hosts the PBD Podcast, the #1 business podcast on Spotify. He lives in South Florida with his wife and four children.

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